Used Box & Pan Folders – Hydraulic, CNC, Pressbrakes, Hydraform Folders

You can find our current stock list below. We are constantly receiving new stock, so please contact us if the machine you require is not on this list.

Darley EHP 11031/25 Hydraulic CNC Press Brake - Made 1986, 110 capacity x 3100mm, distance between ctrs 2550mm, Delen Type DA42 CNC controls, Infra red light guards. Universal bottom tool.


Pearson 75 Ton Press Brake x 111" - C/w Infra red light guards. Usual pearson quality.

£7,495. + vat

Safan Hydraulic Press Brake 30ton x 1500mm - Ring for more details....


Keetona 2.5m x 3mm Hydraform Folder - Coming in shortly. Details to follow..

£7,295. + vat

Waltons Hydraulic Powered Box & Pan Folder - 3m x 16g. Latest spec. machine in excellent condition.

£4,750. + vat

Adira QH6033 Hydraulic Press Brake - Up stroking. Guardscan IR light guards. C/w manual backgauge with micrometer type adjustment. 3 phase. Multi-vee tool.(see picture above)

£10,495. + vat

Keetona 3m x 6mm Hydraform Folder - 1980 machine. Not many of these about...

£14,925. + vat

Box & Pan Folder Edwards Powered 3m x 12g (2.5mm) - Hydraulic. Ring for details ...

£5,450. + vat

Edwards 1270mm x 2mm Hand Folder - (50"x 16g) Tidy, Heavy duty fabricated model...

£695. + vat